Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions & Our Answers To Them..

Can You Roof Over Existing Shingles?

Yes, it is true that you can lay a new roof over existing shingles. However re-roofing as it’s commonly referred to is only possible with asphalt shingles. We would never advise laying slate, or timber shingles over existing asphalt (composition) shingles. Furthermore Roofers in Salisbury would only ever suggest laying new roof over existing asphalt shingles if they were in excellent condition. Any other condition apart from exceptional is not advisable and could turn out to be a massive waste of time and ultimately money.


RoofersWhat Are The Longest Lasting Roof Shingles?

In our professional opinion, laminated shingles are the longest lasting and most durable. Especially when you can find them with lifetime guarantees depending on where you find them for sale. Most roofs have a life expectancy of 20-25 years and most people will never have to deal with roofing repairs in their lifetime. Once you do have to deal with roof repairs you’ll realise why it’s always important to find out the highest quality and longest lasting roofing materials available. Roofs can be stylish and long-lasting but if you have to compromise on style for durability we would always recommend you do!


Is Underlayment Necessary For Metal Roofs?

The short answer is yes. You wouldn’t want to skimp on underlayment, firstly because it’s one of the cheapest materials to buy when roofing. Secondly because it’s essential to all roofs. Underlayment is water resistant or waterproof and protects your home or business from the elements. There are three main types of underlayment all with their own advantages and disadvantages but underlayment is essential so we wouldn’t advise not using at least one of them. 

The three types are:

  • Asphalt saturated felt underlayment
  • Non-bitumen synthetic underlayment (commonly referred to as synthetic underlayment)
  • & Finally rubberized asphalt underlayment

For more information check out our posts on underlayment which are available here.

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